The 12th European Cytogenomics Conference focuses on presentations about the rapid advances in the interlinked fields of cell and molecular biology, genomics and cytogenetics. The choice of topics and speakers, inspired by collaborative work between disciplines, includes a mixture of talks on technological advances in the field, and talks exploring new concepts in cytogenomics of humans, of non-human animals, and of plants.

The 2019 conference is renamed from 'cytogenetics' to 'cytogenomics' in recognition of the fundamental unity of rules governing biological phenomena - tumor evolution and species evolution, for instance, share the same Darwinian concepts of fitness and natural selection. There are many opportunities for poster presentations between the sessions and in some of the open Working Group meetings on Saturday afternoon.

The President, European Cytogeneticists Association E.C.A. Board, and Programme Committee look forward to your participation in the meeting.

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  • Francesca Antonacci: Inversion variants in the human genome
  • Stylianos Anonarakis: Chromatin and single cell genomics, to understand the gene dosage imbalance in aneuploidies
  • Raquel Chaves: Satellite evolution in Bovidae
  • Rossa Chiu: Non invasive prenatal testing
  • Vincent Colot: Transposable element mobilization: where, how and with what consequences?
  • Nicole de Leeuw: CNV and diseases
  • Megan Y. Dennis: CNV and SD in the human genome
  • Thomas Eggermann: Genomic Next Generation Sequencing and Quality Assurance: Challenges and Opportunities
  • David Gisselsson: Treatment resilience of cancer through clonal evolution
  • Ilya Kirov: Plant repeatome: cytogenetic, transcriptomic and proteomic aspects
  • Thomas Liehr: European Certification and continuous education of Clinical Laboratory Geneticists working in Cytogenetics
  • Dario Lupianez: Chromosome biology (structural organization of chromosomes)
  • Felix Mitelman: The end of the Dark Age
  • Mario Nicodemi: Mapping chromatin in 4D
  • Alain Pinton: Chromosome rearrangements and meiosis in pig
  • Pierre Ray: Male infertility in humans
  • Alexandre Reymond: Chromatin looping: the 16p11.2 case
  • Liran Shlush: Clonal evolution and risk factors - from age-related clonal hematopoiesis to AML
  • Michael Speicher: Liquid biopsy in tumors
  • Malte Spielmann: Noncoding CNV and diseases
  • Joris Vermesch: Somatic mosaicism